How We Began     Music has always been important to our family because God created music and loves to hear His creation singing and playing praises to Him!  Our violin lessons began for everyone at 4 years old. Then we went on to master other instruments. We have always enjoyed singing together; there is nothing like family harmony! Our parents were determined to raise us with integrity and character and that meant carefully chosen challenges. Through the Bible, using music as a tool, we learned self-discipline, positive attitudes, diligence, hard work, perseverance, and many other good character traits. Music is powerful! Songs can reach hearts, where words alone, sometimes can't. When our family serves you with music, we want you to feel uplifted, encouraged, comforted, edified and inspired. We want you to see the heart of God behind what we do.

Thank you for your prayers as we share His Gospel through music!        

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Holly || 22

Vocals / Violin / Piano / Ukulele 

She loves photography, teaching violin, writing songs, and bookkeeping for the family.

She also owns and operates a handwriting book company: www.characterwritingworksheets.com.

Fun Fact: Holly learned to read at age 3 and by far has the biggest vocabulary!







 Macy || 19

Vocals / Guitar / Violin / Mandolin

She is the main force behind band practice time, does the bulk of song arranging, and will take anything hot pink.

Fun fact: Macy can play seven instruments!








Justus || 17

Vocals / Piano / Drums 

He has a love for science and engineering and can be found rigging up devices which make life easier for him.

 Fun Fact: Justus is a composer and has written several original songs.








Elley || 15

Vocals / Violin / Mandolin / Guitar

Elley is an amazing cook and enjoys writing songs. 

Fun Fact: Elley loves quotes and can tell you one at any time!








 Amy || 13

Vocals / Mandolin / Bass

She can be depended upon to successfully accomplish anything, and has a spunky personality.

Fun Fact: Amy is a big reader and is always looking for a new book!








Lilly || 10

Vocals / Banjo / Shaker 

She doesn't miss anything going on around her and is very helpful.

Fun Fact: Lilly is very fast and good at gymnastics!









Peter || 8

Vocals / Drums / Cajon

He loves building things and is a good artist.

Fun Fact: He keeps everything and Mom once found 21 In-n-Out hats in his room!








 Daniel ||  6

Vocals / Violin / Trumpet

He is a bundle of energy and has a very advanced vocabulary!

He loves being active and is a bright spot in everyone's day.

Fun Fact: Daniel's favorite thing about performing is smiling!








Joshua || 4

He loves "preaching" and playing the drums on carefully arranged pillows with two pencils as drumsticks.

Fun Fact: His extra chromosome makes him extra cute!










  Kevin & Wendy || Est. 1992

 Prayer & Support Crew

They LOVE talking together and spending time with each other.

They are our biggest supporters and encouragers.

Fun Fact: They met on a blind date!